Legal fees for preparation of legal instruments such as contracts, agreements, conveyances, deeds, or other instrument is determined by mutual agreement before commencement of the assignment. The firm usually request a reasonable deposit to be made at the commencement of the assignment to enable it to meet various disbursements as required in executing the assignment.

NB: We bill disbursements separately. In litigation, for example, disbursements include filing fees, expert fees, consultant fees, photocopying, preparation of exhibits and photographs, investigative fees and expenses, court-mandated expenditures, specialized outside counsel fees and expenses (i.e., probate, taxation, bankruptcy), any expenses of a structured settlement, medical records, subpoenas, and all other reasonable and necessary costs and expenses which Jen & Co. Advocates in its professional judgment determine to be reasonably needed to the prosecution and/or settlement of the claims of the client.



Our approach is simple. We always strive to provide our clients with the highest quality services in a timely manner. We appreciate that our clients need responsive, inventive and accurate lawyers to not only assist in the provision of legal services but a myriad of related matters.

Our approach is to provide the best possible services within the time frames and accurately; and assist in the success and growth of our client’s development.